Killing the cow… with style

Hello! This is the story of how an immigrant to this great country started his journey with a $10,000 debt and semiretired with a portfolio of $1,101,000 in less than 10 years! Click in the cow to know how I did it 🙂

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There was a study from Trinity university where they basically simulated investing a chunk of money in different years in the stock market and just took out different percentages of that portfolio. The 100% success rate of not depleting the portfolio in 30 years was a yearly withdrawal rate of 4%. A more conservative withdrawal rate is 3%; for example, if you need $27,000 per year to live you need to have saved $900,000 at 3% withdrawal rate meaning you can get out $27,000 per year and you wont run out of money (considering previous stock market performance). I will talk extensively about this study in future posts so stay tuned!

  • Early Retirement reflections
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  • Life as an early retiree
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  • Why Killing the cow for an Financial Independence Blog?
    You might be wondering why I named my blog “killing the cow”. In year 2012 I was working in a food processing company, I used to start working before sunrise and ended after sunset, the only time I would see the sun was on Sundays, a day that I would spend cooking and washing clothes….