Life as an early retiree

Well guys, it has officially been two months; I set task today to describe how is life as a retiree while you still have some juice left.

For those stuck at work reading this blog I will tell you: bad boy (or girl), I wish you well and it is certainly possible to retire early. Keep saving, keep enjoying simple living, cultivate love and not stuff. Go home early today, spend time with your love ones; you will regret not doing it later in life.

So this is how I feel: I feel extremely relaxed, I also feel like if something is missing and constantly analyzing what it is, my only conclusion is that not worrying about anything makes me worry about something. Really guys, I am not worrying about pleasing my boss (after 15+ years of having this constant feeling of am I good enough? Am I getting fired?). It Is extremely strange not to have to worry about anything. Life has been so peaceful these last two months.


I am regaining my health back, I lost 10 pounds already, I am thinner than ever but look more buffed. I  can now see my six pack that lost about 10 years ago. I also feel that my hair is slowly coming back up in the back part of my head. My HBMT (honey bunny muffin top) is a beauty fanatic and she has mentioned several times how my skin looks healthier.

I started developing this healthy habit of taking “la siesta”… napping like at 2 or 3 pm. When I do it is like I start a whole new day. I am happy, invigorated, and ready to take the world. It is like having an extra day right in the middle of the day.


I am astonished of how little me and my HBMT have spent in the last two months. My calculated budget for food was $100.00 per week but we are actually spending like $50.00 (at Aldis of course), and good food, very healthy food like tuna, quinoa, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk. I am eating so healthy now that I have time to cook; I went to fast food restaurants like five times in the last two months. It used to be a daily habit of having something either at MCDonalds or Taco Bell.

I also noticed how little I am using my car, my $200.00 monthly budget for gas was slashed by ¼. Since the risk of using my car has diminished so much I am considering eliminating comprehensive coverage for my car. That will save me $700 per year.


  • Organizing my stuff (15 years neglecting this, I have so much trash, everything is a mess so I am working on organizing my life).
  • Finish the house I started building five years ago.
  • Built a deck.
  • Helping my HBMT with our food garden.
  • Taking care of my bees.
  • Jogging every other day with Joe (My dog).
  • Playing chess.
  • Writing this blog; this was something that I tried to do for five years and I finally got to do it. Dream come true! My own blog!

Activities that I am slowly setting the time to do:

  • Learn how to program, make apps.
  • Organizing barn #1 and barn #2.
  • Planting and cultivating tulips (I like tulips).
  • Breeding Chameleons.
  • Expanding my food garden. I have a small plot and is a huge success; delicious organic veggies
  • Breeding tilapia fish.
  • Become better at options trading.
  • Travelling to Spain to visit my bro (Scheduled for October 24th).
  • Traveling to Mexico to visit my parents (not scheduled yet).
  • Building an additional room in my house.
  • Building a better laundry room.
  • Reading books, I used to enjoy reading books but stop right after I started working.

It saddens me that I did not develop any of these interests in the last 30 years because I was either sitting on a chair studying or chained to a desk working. Just as reflection looking back, there is a much much higher price we pay when we go to work, the things we sacrifice are worth more than whatever money we get. I am just realizing this.

I can confidently say that I prefer to plant and grow my own food than having a new car. Money really doesn’t buy happiness; it helps but sacrificing your life for money is not worth it.

I am not suggesting for all to stop working immediately, don’t get me wrong. You guys need to build up enough to make sure happiness will follow. BUT DO NOT work more than is strictly necessary to achieve the highest level of happiness in your life; you will regret it. Also, I understand that you are very likely to need the money and that’s why you are working. I get it, I was in your shoes; if I can suggest something is to learn to be happy with little and if you have children show them how happiness is achievable based on how much time we spent surrounded by our love ones and friends than how many things we have (or don’t have).

Another thing that I noticed is that now that I don’t have a job I am developing skills I never thought I was going to develop. I am learning how to make websites and learning options trading. Who knows, maybe someday I will make some money with my new skills.

Well, that is my update for now. Stay tuned for the next one.

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  1. Hi,

    Your views reasonate with me. I feel that life is about simplicity and slow pace. Enjoy the moment of time. Full-time employment gives one the ammunition for FI and having the option to RE.

    It makes sense for one not to delay any longer as long as the FI is achieved.

    My two cents worth of views.

    Keep in touch.


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