Hello, This is Mr.G. Why so mysterious you might ask? Well, I might want (more like might need) to get a job in the future and I have strong opinions about the need of having a job so I hide for now but… If I figure out how to continue with my early retirement I promise that I will finally send nasty emails to all my former bosses. for now I am just trying this early retirement lifestyle.

So… Mr. G here; I am a 39 y/o guy who was pushed out from the workforce due to the Covid crisis. As I write this post I have been unemployed for two weeks and I am really enjoying the free time! Before this hiatus I was working non stop (minus vacations) for more than 20 years.

I was born in Mexico and fortunately live in the US; When I got to this country I had $10,000 in debt. I paid it all and two years after I ended up divorcing and loosing all my money. My credit score was like 400 and everything was pointing south.

Today I am worth $1,101,000.000 with a five acre-paid off ranch in Texas, I started growing my own food, harvesting my own honey, running every day, playing chess, biking, reading… In short; I started living MY life.

I am writing this blog because I really want to encourage and empower people to get out of the hole…. the rat race…. I want to help people understand the idea that there is more to life than being chained to a desk until your are too old to do anything. I strongly believe that we were given lakes, mountains, trees, forests, and much more to enjoy and we were not meant to be in front of a screen making money for someone else.

In my blog I will discuss all the ways I was able to make money, from jobs to investments, Options to rental units I tried a lot of things, now I just focus on long term investments (ETFs and Stocks), Options, rental units and land ownership.

I hope you enjoy my blog!